Curtain Walls

Having curtain walls installed on your property is as equally important as the doors, windows, and roofing system. However, not everyone understands the importance of having these sturdy glass frames installed on their residential property. Apart from protection, curtain walls help to tune up the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

It’s a misconception that curtain walls are only meant for skyscraper buildings. Contrary to this, curtain walls can be fixed on any building if you can bear its cost implication. Find out why you can benefit from installing curtain walls on your property in Illinois. If you need professional and expert advice on curtain walls and installation in Chicago, IL, reach out to our team at Savocchi today.

Our team at Savocchi can provide you with assistance regarding fantastic curtain walls in our service areas like Chicago, IL.

What Are Curtain Walls? 

A curtain wall is an aluminum-framed or wood-framed glass wall that can be attached to a building structure. It is usually installed through mechanical or chemical bonding. It is used to protect the interior of a building from natural situations like exposure to sun or rain, wind, and temperature changes. Curtain walls are classified into different categories. They can be categorized into the stick and unitized systems based on their fabrication and installation systems.

The stick system comes with glass panels that are joined together in bits. On the other hand, the unitized types are factory glazed and assembled in larger units.

If you are looking for help with this process and need amazing services that prioritize these features, reach out to our team at Savocchi today.

Benefits of Curtain Walls

What you stand to gain from using curtain walls includes the following. Here are some of its benefits.

The most compelling benefit of curtain walls is that they are quite aesthetically pleasing. It can certainly be seen as a work of art on your property in Chicago, IL. The level of craft that can be present in these wondrous elements can certainly add another layer of appeal to the property.

These curtain walls in various properties in Chicago, IL serve as a way to add vertical strength and stability but they can also add immense beauty to the structure.

Property owners appreciate the cohesiveness and general beauty that these curtain walls bring to the space. These curtain walls combined with other aspects can make properties feel more open and welcoming.

Our company can help you with these designs and help you with one that works well for your property. We understand that aesthetics, form, and function are critical and move forward with a more comprehensive approach.

Another primary benefit of these curtain walls is that they open up the space and let the natural light in. Intuitively, this does feel fantastic and does have a positive impact on your mental health and those that visit the property.

We know that the right designs can make one feel as if they are in a larger space, and this can bring about a feeling of more freedom for creativity in your Chicago property.

Curtain walls keep water and air out by acting as an insulator or buffer. They act as a protective shield by disallowing the building from absorbing moisture, affecting its durability in the long run.

A building that constantly absorbs liquid moisture is prone to becoming weaker by the day. So, having a curtain wall prevents that from happening to your facility or building.

When glazed properly, curtain walls are efficient in improving the thermal efficiency of a modern building. They act as another layer upon the building and stabilize the temperature within.

 Thorough glazing of curtain walls also helps reduce UV light penetration, which can cause the gradual degrading of the building. Installing curtain walls also helps protect your health because UV light is a known cause of cancer.

Curtain walls act as a barrier between the floor and the building’s surface, thus preventing the fire from going upwards. Curtain walls are not made from flammable materials. So, if there were a fire outbreak, it reduces the spread and damages the fire may cause.

It’s vital to have curtain walls installed for tall buildings to minimize damage to reduce repair costs in case of a fire outbreak.

Although curtain walls are not for structural protection, they can also serve as additional support for the building. With curtain walls, tall buildings can withstand extreme winds because they can even spread kinetic force on the entire building structure.

Without curtain walls, your tall building might become unsafe to its inhabitants because it could sway, especially when there’s a high wind. So, install curtain walls to give the inhabitants of your building a comfortable stay.

Curtain walls make your building more attractive by giving it a unique, clean, and sophisticated appearance. Most modern architectural designs for tall buildings rely on curtain walls for a brilliant appearance. You also add a touch of elegance to your residential or commercial building by installing curtain walls.

Installing some types of curtain walls might be expensive. But there are other pocket-friendly options you can go for. Also, what accounts for how much you’d be spending on curtain walls depends on the size of the building.

Naturally, taller buildings will take a huge quantity of curtain walls. So, if you’d like to install curtain walls on a tall building, you should opt for sturdy curtain walls that aren’t too expensive. This will help you save a lot in the long run.

Work with Savocchi For Your Curtain Walls in cHICAGO, IL

Savocchi provides curtain walls for new construction and renovation projects. Our product line includes a wide variety of all aluminum and wood curtain walls.

Our projects vary in size and complexity. We spend a lot of attention on design details so installation is quick and simple. Our installation teams received manufacturer’s training and always follow installation instructions. This allows us to reduce human errors during installation and deliver projects to the highest standard. 

We have a special interest in noise abatement solutions and energy conservation solutions. If your project requires high-performance curtain walls, please do not hesitate to contact us as early as the project development phase and let us advise you on product selection. Curtain walls are not a new building idea; they date back to the 1930s and spread after World War II. Despite going way back, they are still relevant in modern architectural designs. 

Whether you desire to protect your building from swaying and water absorption, curtain walls are the way to go. Depending on the manufacturer’s proficiency, curtain walls can be fancy. You must go for the best types to give your building the best appearance when you want to buy yours. Don’t be in a hurry to buy curtain walls; research and make consultations with our representatives at Savocchi on the best types for your building.

We can help you select and install the best curtain walls for your building. Contact our team to get a quote today!


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