Historic Replacement Doors

Historical integrity is critical in many residential projects. Homeowners may want to ensure that their entry doors are up to par and aligns with their property. The homeowners need to work with the right firm for their window repair, window replacement, and door projects.

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Here is what you will need to know about the difference between historic and landmark doors. See how these kinds of doors benefit your property individually.

The Key Aspects of Historic Doors

You will see why historic door placements are perfect for your property. We will go through historic door placements in terms of:

  • Aesthetic

  • Durability

  • Safety

  • Other properties

Landmark Doors in Chicago, IL

Landmark doors are the type of doors made by using traditional designs and modern-day engineering.

Features of Landmark doors

Custom-made: You can order a design of your own to be printed on your door. 

The possibility of customization makes it more interesting for you. Even if you don’t have your design, you may have seen beautiful door designs on two different doors.

You always want to ensure that your entry door is unique and has a personalized home feeling.

Glass Option: It helps with getting more natural lighting in your house.

When you have doors and windows with glasses, it makes your home feel lighter. Find out how our glass company can help with your door needs.

Benefits of Landmark Doors

Here are a few of the benefits of landmark doors.

Resist temperature change.

It doesn’t crack or split in any way. It doesn’t swell or shrink from temperature changes.

Get the wood look.

With a modern and up-to-date finish, you can still get the look of wood on your doors.

They are lightweight. 

Landmark doors have a simplistic look. This kind of door also takes up less space.

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Historic Doors in Chicago, IL

If you want your home to feel traditional and keep the original feel, these are your doors. These types of doors represent originality. The design, size, structure, and shape help us understand the history behind the doors. 

When you see historic doors, they particularly represent a certain era. Historic doors are mostly used for schools, hotels, and other institutions.

It helps with giving a high-end look along with a modernized feeling. It can be used with regard to your residences as well.

Features of Historic Doors

Here are a few compelling features of historic doors.

  • Aesthetic Appearance: Whenever you think of a house in the woods, a wooden house with a fireplace and a cozy feeling comes to mind.

  • Sound Proof: The thickness of these doors not only helps with security but can also help keep your conversations private. If you live in a place where there are noises from cars and people, these doors will help reduce noise.

  • Safety: The thickness of a wooden door makes it not easily broken. If the area you live in has a history of burglars, you will feel safer with this door.

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