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Stunning Custom Mirrors for Decorating Your Home in Chicago, IL

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We Improve Your Living Space with the Right Mirror Solutions

Want to breathe life and add beauty to your home in Chicago, IL? At Savocchi, we are dedicated to providing you with customized mirror decors to ensure your home gives you the peace and comfort you want from it. Our custom mirror solutions are exactly the missing piece you need to beautify your home and give it an exquisite feel.

We have years of experience, competent staff, and knowledge of the latest market trends so that you can be sure of a phenomenal job from us. Avoid unnecessary hassle whenever you want mirrors fitted in your home; Savocchi takes care of everything from sales to installation. Get in touch with us to get started on your project right away!

Get an Unmatched Experience & Enjoy Our Many Benefits

A lot goes into our process to ensure that you have a remarkable experience. For one, we take all the extra action needed to give you residential wall mirrors that impress you at first glance. Apart from that, we have many other benefits lined up for you.

Savocchi has a huge team of mirror designers with an eye for detail and beauty. They will readily agree to work on your project and deliver results that you want or even beyond your wildest expectations. Feel free to explore our impressive designs, thanks to the handiwork of our reputable mirror experts and artisans. We are all about the best mirror solutions here.

To ensure that we provide you with a custom mirror solution that meets your expectations, we pay attention to every specification you give, including the height and width. We work on-site to ensure that you can approve our custom mirrors on the spot. Our experience has taught us the significance of working on location— we can check your home and design solutions that are unique and right just for it.

We understand that you want things to get done as fast as possible so that you can get to enjoying your improved space. That’s why we always strive to complete the installation of custom mirrors in a week at most. However, remember that we are always ready to take more time if your project demands more intricate edge work. We will give you an estimate of your project’s timeline to provide you with a better idea of when you can expect your transformed, magical home.

Our prices are reasonable all year-round to ensure that you get to enhance your residential space without breaking the bank. The amount your project will cost will depend on the color of your custom mirrors and the edge work needed. This information and other considerations unique to your home enable us to create a free estimate for your mirror job.

If not handled properly, mirrors can break and cause serious injury. We know all this, so we only have professionals work on your project. They will prevent installation damage, securely mount your custom mirrors on the walls, employ the best hanging techniques, and safeguard your safety during the installation process. We do due diligence no matter the size of your project, from simple shower doors to entire living rooms.

How to Install Residential Wall Mirrors Like a Pro: Our Process

We have been in the industry for a long time, fulfilling tons of projects for our happy customers in Chicago, IL, and its environs. Over that time, we have learned a lot, picked up best practices, and developed a winning process. Take a look at what our 3-step residential framed and frameless mirrors installation process is like.

1. Wall Preparation

The first step in our process is to check the wall where your mirror will be hanging for studs and properly mark them. It is vital to do that if we have to use screws or nails instead of an adhesive to hold the mirror in place. This way, we ensure that the mirror supports studs behind it. We will add bumpers behind the mirror to avoid damaging the wall if necessary.

2. Mirror Hardware Assessment

It is important to know the hardware that will be on your mirror. If it is not present, we will have to install hardware before hanging your residential wall mirror. We have two options when hanging your mirror. First, we can use extra-strength adhesive to secure your framed and frameless mirrors to the wall if the manufacturer recommends it. Or, we can use screws or French cleat brackets if you would prefer this option. It can certainly prove to be a better decision, seeing as it is simpler to remove and re-position your mirror in the future.

3. Hanging the Mirror

This is the final stage of our process. During this phase, our professionals use the right tools for the hardware you have specified to hang your mirror on your residential wall. You can count on them to perform a safe process that will leave your home as risk-free as before.

What Types of Mirrors Can You Install in Your Chicago, IL Home?

We have different types of mirrors for you to choose from, and our professionals are ever ready to help you decide what is best for your home. The common mirror types we install in residential spaces are:

Concave Mirrors

These are excellent for bathrooms and bedrooms because they give the impression of more space.

Convex Mirrors

These are inverse to their concave counterparts because they make your room seem smaller. This mirror solution is ideal for places where you want people to be keener to ensure safety.

Plane Mirrors

These are the most common mirrors and can be installed in the bedroom or dressing room. They reflect an identical (or nearly identical) image to the object in front of it.

Ready to Add Beauty and Elegance to Your Chicago, IL, Home? Contact Mirror Experts at Savocchi Today!

If you feel your home and walls are rather dull and uninspiring, installing mirrors might be the right solution for you. There is no denying that mirrored walls are eye-catching and create the illusion of more space in a room, so why not try them on? Whenever you are ready, Savocchi has the right people for the job to save you the hassle and risk of doing it on your own.

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