Office Glass Partitions

Office Glass Partitions in Chicago, IL

Office glass partitions are generally glass walls used to separate working areas. They help divide areas in a room without the need for drywall installations. These glass partitions are one of the easiest ways to enhance your office. They are extensively known for their translucent properties and scalability. Thus, interior designers and architects highly prefer them.

At Savochhi, we specialize in glass walls with several designs. They include room dividers, swing doors, glass office cubicles, frame designs, interior sliding glass doors, barn doors, and large windows. We provide services in Chicago, IL, and all surrounding towns and suburbs. We have been helping many businesses find the most suitable glass partitions for their offices.

Why opt for office glass partitions?

Some of the main benefits of using glass walls for your office layout include:

Privacy is critical when it comes to working environments. Employees would want to avoid unnecessary interruptions while working. Others may require their personal space to make them feel comfortable when working. With office glass partitions, employees can increase their efficiency and productivity. Also, glass walls promote privacy without giving employees the feeling of seclusion from the rest of the offices. This also facilitates easier collaborations and communication with the rest of the employees. Glass partitions may be a good idea for conference rooms that require a higher level of privacy. How can you create privacy in a glass office? Some of the ways to increase privacy in a glass wall office include:

  • install shelves to promote organization and privacy

  • use glass with integrated blinds

  • add soundproofing material to reduce noise

  • add pattern designs, words, art, and logos made with glass film

  • combine fabric, wood panels, and laminates with transparent glass walls

  • display vertical banners with corporate branding and strategically place moveable dividers

Our glass wall systems are designed to allow penetration of more natural light in your workplace. Glass walls transmit a high percentage of daylight in all directions. Natural light is one of the most desirable office features. It has health benefits and is also known to increase productivity and cognition. Increasing the amount of natural light in your office will help you decrease your dependence on artificial lighting. Artificial lighting can sometimes be unreliable. Additionally, using natural lighting will assist you in reducing electricity bills. Artificial lighting can be costly at times.

Our company supplies glass wall systems that are highly portable. They can be easily moved compared to traditional drywall. This makes renovation work more manageable and less costly. You can easily alter the interior design of your office without necessarily using special tools. This will also help you save time. Similarly, our glass systems are long-lasting and are of high quality. They can also resist weather conditions without changing their appearance.

Our glass wall systems will keep your office cool. Glass walls enable air to flow easily around the workspace. Therefore, they can be a good source of ventilation. Good ventilation can help increase your productivity at work.

Glass wall partitions enhance the beauty of your workspace. This benefits not only your employees but also your visitors and clients. Thus, glass walls are gaining popularity in modern office trends. Have our team come and install your glass walls today! We supply very stylish glass walls that will best suit your office.

How much do glass walls cost?

Glass walls are more costly than traditional drywall. However, glass walls are a better choice when you consider their benefits. The average cost of a glass wall is about 25 to 75 dollars per square foot. A glass door will cost you about 1000 to 3000 dollars. However, these prices do not include the installation costs. You will need to pay for installation. An extra fee is also incurred for labor. Labor expenses range from 35 to 150 dollars per hour. These prices may vary depending on the location. Moreover, the cost of glass partitions will depend on a variety of factors such as;

  • Dimensions and quantity of the materials used.

  • The quality of the hardware.

  • Layout features of the product.

  • The mode of installation.

Which glass is used for office partitions?

There are four types of glasses commonly used to manufacture office partitions. They include tempered glass, triplex, curved glass, and frosted glass.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is known to have high strength and resistance to force. This type of glass is usually preheated to very high temperatures and subsequently cooled by air. This provides excellent heat resistance, power, and safety in the event of destruction. Tempered glass is 5-8 times stronger than ordinary glass. Thus, 70 percent of office glass walls are manufactured using tempered glass.

Curved glass

Curved glass is often used in the interior glass walls of modern offices. The manufacturing process of curved glass is very complex as it involves the thermal bending of glass. Thus, they are pretty costly. Such glass is primarily used in offices of companies that value their reputation.

Triplex glass

Triplex is a glass comprising several glasses interconnected with a particular lamination film. The triplex glass is highly costly. However, many customers prefer it because its multi-colored films enable it to produce colored glass for office partitions.

Frosted glass

Frosted glass is manufactured by acid etching of transparent glass sheets. It creates a frosted appearance on its surface. This makes the glass translucent. Frosted glass is mainly designed for privacy, decoration, or security. It is highly reliable and very affordable. Frosted glass can either be tempered or triplex.

Which glass is best for office partitions?

The most preferred option for glass partitions is 12mm or 10mm tempered glass.10mm or 12mm tempered glass is known to have high strength and the ability to endure high impact. They are also cost-effective and easy to install.

Are you interested in installing glass walls in your office?

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