Glass Railings

Savocchi Glass, Windows & Doors is the most popular option for modern railing now in Chicago, IL, and its surrounding areas; glass railing. Glass railing has a beautiful visual impact that opens up your view. It makes commercial and residential buildings feel bigger, facilitates light flow, it increases openness. Glass railings add comfort and value to any space. When the design is perfectly installed, it is safe.

What Are Glass Railings?

Glass railings are barriers that installers use inside your home, commercial building, or outside in the garden of your apartment building. A glass fence is popularly known as a balustrade.

Glass railings offer security without sacrificing your vision. It provides:

  • A good view from your porch or deck.

  • Maintaining its scenic beauty. 

  • Providing a finishing touch for your indoor or outdoor space.

Benefits of Glass Railings for Your Chicago Property

Glass railings are used in many buildings, both externally and internally. They support staircases and balconies, providing security. They have many benefits that include the following.

Our installers ensure that the frames and glass panels are custom-made to your rail system’s height and length. They will first assemble them, and they do not use any fabrications. 

The glass railing does not rot, decay, or rust. That is why they are superior to iron and wood. During the manufacture of glass, they use high temperatures to make them strong. It facilitates the glass to withstand extreme weather conditions.

You can preserve beautiful outdoor sights and backyard views by installing glass railings. The tempered glass panels provide a smooth flow from your property to the surrounding landscape as they are almost invisible. 

Glass railings provide varied design versatility. They are the best accompaniment for any material you want to use in your new installation. Installing sizeable expanses of glass can complement the overall look. Our installers may use wood, stone, or metal for the risers, railings, or handrails.

Glass railings are the best choice if you are a property dealer or a house flipper who may want their properties to look more attractive and valuable. The railings are durable, will look great, and continue performing well even after several years of use.

Glass railings can help increase the selling potential of your property, as they make spaces appear larger, especially when you add them to the staircases.

Property owners should consider glass railings safe because tenants will not look for poorly secured buildings. Feeling safe in your home is vital. Glass railings protect your building against winds and accidental falls.

Our professional installers at Savocchi do an excellent service installing glass railings on pool safety fencing – where they provide a clear-view barrier and security for your swimming pool.

The railings will give you maximum protection from pets and adventurous children.   

Glass elements are more popular because they help buildings to appear like they have more space, especially if the glass is clear and see-through. The glass railings make the space appear larger, which you cannot achieve by using chrome, metal, or iron options.

With glass railings on doors and mirrors, you will enjoy a transparent border; with an open, fresh atmosphere.  

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