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Patio Doors in CHICAGO, IL

Patio doors are often referred to as sliding doors. They are those doors that open up your house to a garden or a patio. Some time ago, they were used for sliding doors; over the years, the term has gained a broader acceptance to include bi-fold and French doors. 


Patio doors in their different forms are great for connecting the beautiful scenery of your garden with your interior spaces. It also admits a lot of natural lighting to the indoor space.


There are different forms of patio doors to choose from; these include:

Bi-fold patio doors are increasingly used in modern architecture or open plan buildings. This allows a large expanse of the wall to be opened up completely. It is a good door to use, especially when you have a functional outdoor space that is frequently used, like outdoor dining or a family lounge. Bifold doors could be a glass panel fixed on a suitable frame, or they can be custom-built. They can be designed with many frames and lesser panels to suit the house’s facade.

A sliding patio door comprises panels, frames, latch, rollers, and a top and bottom track for easy sliding. The normal sliding door allows only half of the wall to be opened up. Sliding patio doors have the advantage of admitting daylighting into your home. Unlike the bi-fold that requires you to have a space behind the door or outside the door to accommodate the fold, sliding patio doors do not need any space. They can also be designed to slide into the wall saving enough space.

These are hinged doors. They are made up of glass panels, frames, hinges, sill, grille, and handle set for easy opening. Unlike the other patio doors mentioned earlier, the French door uses hinges; the door leaf should be considered before installing a French door.

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Bring in natural light

The expansive glass pane used as the door panel allows natural lighting in the home. When installing a patio door close to living spaces, you will not need to put on the light during the day, as the light coming in through the door is enough to lighten your interior space.

Easy access

Easy access to your building from the patio with any patio doors. Sliding doors, for example, can be moved easily on their rails with the help of the rollers.

Save space

Using the right patio door, especially the sliding door, helps maximize your space usage. Installing a sliding door glides along the track and does not require a space to accommodate the door’s leaf, unlike hinged doors.  

Saves energy

Usually, doors with glass panels trap heat for longer, keeping the house warm. This way, you will reduce the cost of heating your apartment when you use sliding doors or other types.

Link outdoor with the interior space

Patio doors are usually installed or replaced when you want to bring your outdoor space closer to the indoor space. They are used with a garden in the backyard, a swimming pool, or other fun activities. This way, you will be inside the house and still be involved with what is happening outside.

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The Features and Details Of Patio Door Installations

The cost of a patio door varies depending on the style you want, the size of the door, or the materials used in the design. A PVC patio door is cheaper than an aluminum or food-framed patio door.

A 1790mm PVC Patio door can be bought for as much as $600, an aluminum bi-fold of the same measurement can cost up to $2000, and a wooden bifold will be around $1200. Bear in mind that the price varies.

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