Burglary Resistant Glass

Windows and doors are the most common entry points for burglars in homes and businesses. Intruders can quickly enter your property through standard residential and commercial glass windows or entry doors with minimal effort.

Savocchi Glass, Windows, & Doors have a wide range of solutions to help you avoid unauthorized intrusion into your property. We can either install new windows with burglary-resistant glass or beef up security with your existing ones.

We ensure that you’ll make an informed decision on getting a long-lasting solution for maximum security of your house or business against burglary.  

What Is A Burglary Resistant Glass

Burglary-resistant glass is made by combining two or more glass plates and bonding them together using film layers. The glass and film will remain attached after a breakage attempt which is nearly impossible to go through even when strong objects such as metals are used.  

Our Burglary-Resistant Residential And Commercial Glass Installation Services

Savocchi offers professional burglary-resistant glass installation services in residential and commercial windows and patio doors.

We offer quality burglar-proof or resistant glass products to a wide range of Chicago residents or clients from homeowners, government facilities, corporate institutions, and business owners.

We are a reliable solution if you’re looking for a partner to help you protect your property against break-ins and smash-and-grab burglary.

Also, we’ll provide you with excellent service whether you need to upgrade your security by retrofitting a burglary-resistant glass in your existing window and door or you want a complete new burglary-resistant window installation service. We can fit a new door or replace windows with those that have burglary-resistant glass at a reasonable price.

Burglar-Resistant Glass Window Installation

Savocchi will perform quality work installing burglary-resistant glass windows to your window or door projects including your patio and front door.

This will ensure your home, business, organization, or even school is safeguarded against any burglary or break-ins by strong burglary-resistant windows. Your business will be safe during riots where burglars may take advantage to break in and rob items.

Burglars or rioters will mostly leave your burglary-resistant doors and windows within a few seconds or minutes after realizing their efforts of breaking are in vain.

Burglar-Proof Glass Glazing

Glazing is another reliable option to prevent burglary or break-ins in your home or business property. Our burglar-resistant glazing shields are highly effective when applied to existing windows and doors to provide extra strength.

They have polycarbonate laminate that prevents shattering and cracking when thieves or burglars try to break your windows or doors.

Benefits Of Burglar Proof Glass

Here are some of the benefits when you have burglar-resistant glass installed in your windows, doors, and even mirrors by professionals from our company.

Improve Safety

Burglars may not be the only thing you’re avoiding when you replace your windows and doors with burglar-resistant glass. They will also prevent you from stray golf balls that may cause harm or damage inside your property.

Protection Against UV Rays

Direct UV rays can be destructive and harmful. A burglar-resistant glass will prevent UV light from passing through and causing the items inside your property to fade.

Also, prolonged direct sun exposure may negatively affect your skin or eyes, and burglar-resistant will also protect you.  

Promote Energy Efficiency

A burglary-resistant glass will control the sunlight that gets into your property, ensuring your air conditioner will not work harder to control the heat that gets inside your business property or house. This will make your home or commercial property to be more energy efficient.   

Why Choose Our Residential And Commercial Glass Installation Services in Chicago, IL

At Savocchi Glass, Windows, & Doors, we are expert installers of burglar-resistant glass in Chicago, IL. We provide you with a full service in burglar-resistant glass replacement or installation service. We also provide you with quality work of adding burglar-resistant glazing.

We install effective burglar-resistant windows and doors or replace your existing ones with high-security glass products to secure your business or house against intruders or burglars. 

Contact us today at +1 (847) 446-3340 and let us help improve the safety of your house or business.