Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass, or lacquered glass- is just what the name depicts- clear glass painted on its back surface. The effect is looking through the front glass and seeing the color behind it.

The result is a glossy and chic look that is aesthetically appealing and delicate at the same time. This look appeals to minimal and modern sensibilities alike, with the added flexibility of you being able to choose your preferred colors.

Back painted glass is also known as lacquered glass, and one can have it painted any color of choice. It brings out the colors of any room perfectly. Back painted glass applies in residential and commercial buildings as a sleek modern alternative for surface materials used for architectural and decorative purposes, such as laminate and tiles.

Back painted residential and commercial glass use is commonly used for walls for glazing, glass markers, colored glass boards, shower walls, architectural spandrel glass, aero-space, dry erase boards, artistic glass, colored glass for countertops, and colored backsplash.

Residential Use of Back Painted Glass

The trend of back painted glass is being followed in most modern homes and makes a great statement wall that stands out from the rest of your home. It is essential in the kitchen and bathroom; and a few areas in the living room and dining area.

Back-painted glass is extremely useful for kitchen walls or the sink’s backsplash because it minimizes germs in food products and can withstand moisture and heat.

Back painted glass as shower walls and backsplash for washbasins is a good idea because it is grout-free and easy to clean. Mirrors are clear glass back painted with a reflective metal.

Back-painted glass can add a splash of color to a monochromatically designed living room. It can also add texture as a television backdrop. Back-painted glass for a dining room can be used on tabletops or as a partitioning from the living room. You can experiment with various back-painted glass designs if your dining room is by itself.

Benefits of Back Painted Glass

Along with the varied uses of back painted glass, it has other advantages:

  • Back painted glass has unlimited design options. It has a glossy satin finish that can be put in various shapes, colors, patterns, and textures that adds a luxurious contemporary look to any space.

  • It requires low maintenance and is durable. Back painted glass is resistant to humidity, rot, rust, corrosion, moisture, and heat. The multiple coats of paint also strengthen the structure such that its durability is increased.

  • It offers privacy. The back-painted glass becomes opaque once painted and is no longer transparent. This characteristic makes it perfect for you to protect the privacy of your space from onlookers or noisy neighbors. This also makes it ideal for shower doors.

Though it may seem easy to install, it is crucial not to attempt a DIY installation of the back-painted glass. This is because glass is a very delicate material, and home or business premises owners do not have access to the chemicals and know-how of the whole process that is necessary for an impressive professional result. Seek a trained, experienced technician knowledgeable in back painting glass to do the installation instead.

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